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Ancestors of "Elvis Aaron Presley" 50 Generations Revised & Edited Edition

By Lorina Bolig

This is the Revised and Edited Edition of "Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations". The New Edition contains additional information and Over 1700 sources with names attached to each source. The New Edition "Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations" Contains over 300 additional pages of information than the previous Edition. This book has much more detailed sources and information than the previous Edition. You will not find a better genealogy for Elvis anywhere all in one place for such low price.

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The Author is the 8th cousin once removed of Elvis and the genealogy contained in this book is shared by the Author. The information contained in this book is incredibly sourced and detailed, tracing Elvis ancestors back to the 7th century AD.

Duplicate ancestors in Elvis genealogy are due to Pedigree collapse. Pedigree collapse is a term created by Robert C. Gunderson to describe how marriages between cousins or other relatives, deliberate or unknowing, make family trees smaller than they could be. Link explaining Pedigree Collapse

Cousin marriages or relatives marrying. With this you will end up with many people being related to the same ancestors. This will create duplicate lines in anyone's genealogy. Some ancestors can be related to the same person several hundred times. This is why Elvis does have duplicate ancestors. This is common in any genealogy if you go back far enough.

To see the Book Review of "Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations Revised & Edited Edition By Lorina Bolig." Reviewed by Nigel Patterson, President of

For those of you who have purchased Elvis' ancestry, you can click here for your Free Source Citation Name Index.


The Truth about Rosella Presley and her Family!

Elvis Presley's Palatine German Ancestors

No Presley Slaves

(This is just a small portion of sources used to prove the heritage of Elvis Presley. The book "Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations" contains many more very detailed sources of information.)

Archive Of Records

Review of Previous Edition

EIN Verdict: "Elvis Aaron Presley" 50 Generations is authoritative, exhaustive and intriguing. Its layers of prosaic and colorful characters make it a long overdue inclusion in the vast, multi-layered Elvis library. The names, locations and times project vibrant images reflecting an eclectic spectrum from poor sharecroppers to fabulously wealthy and privileged royalty.


Elvis has Royal Scottish heritage that goes back to Kings such as Duncan I 'The Gracious' Of Scotland King Of Scotland, David I Saint Of Scotland/King Of Scots, Cinaed Kenneth II Of Alba King Of Scotland, Domhnull (Donald) II Of Scotland Of Alba King Of Scotland, Alpin Of Kintyre King Of Scotland and several more.

He also has French Royal ancestors. They are Clothaire I (Chlothar I) "The Old" King Of France, Argotta Prss Fr/Sicambrian Heiress (Rosamunde) Mother Of All French, Kings, Ermentrude (Ermentrude) Of Orleans(Imtrude) Queen Of (Franks) France, Robert I King Of France, and all of the MEROVINGIAN Kings.

He also has Frodi "The Valiant" King Of Denmark, Odin (Woden) (Woutan) (Sigge Fridulfson) King Of Asgard/1St King Of Scandinavia, Theodorich I 'Sapientia' 'The Great' 1st King Of The Ostrogoths Of Italy, Llywelyn Fawr Ap Iorwerth Prince Of North Wales, Sigurd "Fofnersbane" King Of The Huns, Stephen I King Of Hungary, Hedwig (Edith) Queen Of Bavaria/Duchess, Henry "The Fowler" I (Heinrich I) Emperor Of Germany/Duke Of Saxony, and William I The Conquerer Guillaume I "Le Conquberant" De King Of England.

His immediate ancestors are from Palatine Germany. Elvis had enough Royalty in him to make him a King.

This is a fasinating book, containing Elvis' family tree. 50 generations packed into this 806 page book. You have to see to experience the impact of the information in this genealogy to fully appriciate it. SEE BOOK REVIEW OF THE THIS EDITION AT - ELVIS INFORMATION NETWORK -
Book Review of "Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations Revised & Edited Edition."
Elvis was very special and his heritage proves just how very special he was, is and always will be. He will live forever in this unique and very different book. If you Love Elvis and you like genealogy or you want to see if maybe you are related, then this book is for you. It only take one common ancestor and you could be related. The Author is Elvis' 8th cousin Once removed. This book makes a great gift for Family, Friends and Elvis Fans.

Publication Date:
Jan 08 2008
1434840689 / 9781434840684
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
Black and White
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You can order your copy from AMAZON.COM and have it delivered to your door by CLICKING HERE. This is the New updated version contains 300 pages more than the previous version. It has much more detailed sources and information.

Re Sellers are Welcome. Please contact author for re seller discounts. Please put RE SELLER in Subject line and she will contact you as soon as possible.
Send e-mail to:treeoflife1690@outlook.com

ELVIS INFORMATION NETWORK Home to the best news, reviews, interviews & articles about the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley

ELVIS INFORMATION NETWORK - Author Lorina Bolig's Interveiw with Nigel Patterson about "Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations"








From the Author:

I began researching my family line many years ago. On my journey I became interested in researching many lines. I compiled Five separate genealogies. My own, royal (all countries), Presidential, biblical, and celebrity genealogies.

After many years of research, I began to find that there were many common names, dates, sources, and information in the Five separate genealogies. I connected them according to the commonalities that ran through each one. Eventually all Five genealogies were connected into One genealogy.

I discoverd Elvis and I are 8th Cousin Once Removed. This was completely unexpected. But this in not the only finding. Elvis is related to many Royal families including the Queen of England, and her heirs. All U.S. Presidents, many famous figures in history and much more.

Many of you may find under the same circumstances that you too may be related. It only takes one set of common ancestors and you are related.

All of us are related, Even if it is just one or several ancestors, in some way we are all related. Be kind to each other. Love thy brother as thy self, because the person standing next to you, is your family.

What do you think Elvis would do???

Ancestors of Barack Hussien Obama Jr 50 Generations

Send e-mail to:treeoflife1690@outlook.com
Copyright © 2003-2015 Lorina Bolig

The name "Elvis"®, "Elvis Presley" ®, and "Graceland"® are registered Trademarks. Owned by, Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. The publication "Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations Revised and Edited Edition" is not authorized by, associated with or sponsored by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc or its Trademarks.

Nominative use, also "nominative fair use" or a type of "trademark fair use" (sometimes called "classic fair use" or "statutory fair use".
The author has nominatively used Elvis' name, with all due respect to Elvis and his name. Elvis will live forever through his genealogy. The author felt there is not a better way to honor him, than to compile a genealogy to him, for him, his family and the world. To show how special he is was and always will be. May he be remembered always and forever. God bless Elvis who changed the world, in the most positive way. He is the man that gave Love and Kindness, to the world, passed on to him, from his ancestors. His heart belong to his family, he Loved them more than life itself. This book was written for his family and fans, most of all his grand children. The author compiled this genealogy out of Love for him and his fans.

In Loving Memory of
Elvis Aaron Presley
Dorothy Weaver (Nan)
Peggy Jo Ann Ginter-Wallweber
Aline Withrow/Ginter
Tammy Sue Ginter
Charles William Ginter
Rudy Badillo
Micheal Frances Lloyd
Walter Smith
Dorothy Clark/Goodwin
Our Ancestors
We Will Love and Miss You Always

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